100+ Educational Games Designed For Your Classroom

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Our library includes over 110 educational games that link to a range of subjects including English, maths, science and PSHE. We design and develop our games to fit with the National Curriculum.


Our platform is available in additional languages upon request. This is especially useful for ESOL students or students who are learning an additional language. Please specify any desired languages in your enquiry.


Your student’s progress and performance over time will be recorded, allowing you to easily view their development and make easy comparisons of progression between individuals, cohorts and subjects.


Our system gives you the ability to assign certain games to a student to complete. This can be used as a form of homework or to develop a students’ weaknesses by having them focus on a certain subject or skill.

Friend System

Students can add friends and share their scores with each other. This encourages interaction between students while also motivating them to develop their knowledge so that they can beat their peers’ high scores.



Every answer your student gives while playing the games is recorded, allowing you to view what they understand and to easily identify any weaknesses to aid staff in intervention.

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