Why Do Kids Love EDArcade?

Instead of cutting down on kids’ gaming hours, we have instead harnessed the educational potential that games have to offer. We have designed a unique gaming platform which keep kids entertained and engaged in their learning, earning us the “Best Gamification Platform” title from Kids Judge Bett!

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What is EDVille?

EDVille is our integrated PSHE learning package that works hand-in-hand with our PSHE games. In EDVille, kids care for and grow their own garden, compare their gardens to one another and watch exclusive PSHE cartoon lessons as they play. By subscribing to EDVille, your child will gain access to over 20 animated lessons, all of the other EDArcade games and information bites related to plants and the world around us.

All our characters are fully voiced and given an individual personality and background, helping your kids connect and engage with them.

We pride ourselves in the diversity and inclusivity of our cast which is guaranteed to make your kids have their favourites!

Ms McGregor

Ms. McGregor

Ms McGregor acts as your child's mentor and role model. She loves nature and has a good heart.

She teaches the player about a lot of self-awareness topics, such as responsibility and personal safety.



Baldev is the father of Nyra, and one of Ms. McGregor’s best friends.

He teaches lessons about resilience and religion. His cool hobbies and fashion sense are the inspiration of many around him.



Nyra is the young and curious daughter of Baldev.

She helps teach the player about topics that they can relate to – especially those about growing up.



Frances brings a vibrant American attitude to the gardens, and alongside working as a chef in the city, acts as a positive role model for young girls.

She teaches the player about diversity and relationships



Hannah is the wife of Frances, and their relationship acts as a great example of how our relationships with people are built up of both time together and time apart.

She teaches the player about puberty and co-operation.



Matteo is a Law student at University and has a bit of a reputation for being lazy.

Having to manage his student loans, he teaches the player about finance. He acts as a brotherly role-model.



Nikki is a joiner from Hong Kong and is perfecting her English speaking skills by making friends with the other residents of the garden.

She is particularly relatable to ESOL students.



Rowan is a friendly man who teaches students about their bodies and wellbeing.

He covers the topics of bullying and living a healthy lifestyle.



Jason is a wheelchair tennis player and can be particularly relatable for disabled or sporty students.

He teaches students about his disability and the effect of alcohol on the bodies.

Ms McGregor


Rupert is a relaxed and elderly man who spends his days selling seeds and riding his bike.

He teaches students about recycling and the risks of downloading files online.



Dilma is a peppy woman from Brazil who cares for animals in her garden.

She has a bit of a thing for Rupert, and teaches students that age is just a number and that we should respect our elders.

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Our Curriculum


Including spelling, sentence structure, grammar and speech.


Including shapes, fractions, decimals, percentages, money and time.


Including atoms, elements, balance, weight and the solar system.


Including mental health, anti-bullying, internet safety and puberty.

Get your kids learning in a new and exciting way

Encourage creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking

Encourage conversation, debate and play

Build your child’s awareness of real-world topics